Characterized by its staggering natural resources, the Qafuri has long been identified as a region where the earth is rich with nutrients sustaining agriculture, and most importantly a source for mineral exploitation. The continent is comprised of two main regions: Liam, which is said to be the origin of the LEUP, and Galoum, the last region unaffected by the disease. Eumek is the area where people from Liam try to cross to Galoum, and are often killed by the Hells.

Economically, the continent enjoyed the benefits of superior technological advancements to the extent that one could easily observe the social disparities existing between it, its people, and those of the rest of the world.

However this prosperity became short-lived, as soon as the LEUP came ravaging everything in its path, resulting not only in the loss of an unimaginable number of human lives but also the partial destruction of some of the most valuable aspects of Qafurian Technology. Survivors of the epidemic were quarantined to the underground spaces of the continent thanks to the Hakkinen, yet the true meaning of their origin and their presence is still a great mystery.